Studying Topic

Network of serpentine soil eco-service in Asia-Pacific
Agricultural and ecological resource management
  • Evaluation of appropriate soil management groups applying in Taiwan
  • Nutrient balance of conventional and sustainable cultivation in different agri-rotation system
Forest ecology
  • Relation between mineralization rate of nitrogen and climate, and between the rate and landscape in Naren-mountain
  • The model of available nutrients released from letter decomposition in the 25 hectares everlasting studying region in Fushan, Yilan, Taiwan
  • Special variation of soil properties in 25 hectares board-leaf forest studying region for long term dynamic variation in Lianhuachr, Nantou, Taiwan
Heavy metal contamination
  • Effect of application of various chelating agents in absorptive ability of Indian mustard
  • Absorption-releasing behavior of heavy metals in compost-soil system
  • Evaluation of bioavailability in various properties soil
  • Selection and evaluation of super-accumulator to soil heavy metals
  • Sympathetic effect on heavy metals to the absorptive ability to super-accumulator
  • Evaluation of acid washing on heavy metal contaminated soil
  • Characteristics of arsenic contaminated soil in Guandu plain, and the character of crop arsenic absorption
Reusing of sludge and agro-wastes
  • Influencing of sludge compost application to soil nitrogen and carbon mineralization, and to the nitrogen absorption of crops
  • Environmental impact assessment of pig manure compost application on the leaching amount of nitrogen and phosphate, and on the plant absorptive amount.
  • Feasibility assessment of sewage sludge resource recycling